Texas Petrochemical Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

We are constantly investing and improving in our facilities as well as processes. This is to ensure product quality is maintained, while striving to achieve the most competitive manufacturing costs, with cost-saving benefits passed on to our customers .

Trust, Ethics & Fairness

We believe that TRUST, ETHICS & FAIRNESS is essential for any business to succeed!


We carry out our business with fairness and integrity

High standards

We hold ethics to the highest standards, never engaging in actions that will harm individuals, companies or societies at large


We build our business and forge relationships with trust, honesty & transparency


We will safeguard our clients confidentiality

Product line

All our base oil, additive and raw materials are ethically sourced from reputable companies and go through a blending process. The products go through a stringent quality check in our laboratory and in 3rd party labs before being packed into the finished products that you see. These are all done in our manufacturing plant to ensure that our high standards and quality are never compromised.

Projects & custom blends

Texas Auxiliary range include Automatic Transmission Fluids, Brake Fluids, Coolants and Gear Oil. Each product is developed to meet the unique needs of our users, allowing equipment and machineries to at maximum efficiency.

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    Our partners around the world

    At Texas Petrochemical, we view partnership as one of the key factors to success. We believe in an open communication channel and form partnerships with all our clients from SMEs to Large Corporations.