Company overview


New Integrated Production Facility

  • New Tuas Plant will be able to facilitate high product turnover rate with minimal manpower due to semi-automatic systems in place.
  • New Programmable Logic Control (PLC) will add on to our comprehensive Quality Control Process.
  • An Integrated Production System allows a smooth and efficient process from Production to Delivery of Finished Products
  • New Tuas Plant will integrate with Existing Texas Supply Chain ensuring minimal/ zero chance in disruption of supply.
  • New Plant will be operational in 2 Phases.


Production Capacity – 10,000 MT per month (Single Shift). Major Facilities Incorporates:

Base Oil Tanks4 X 800 MT
Finished Products Tanks2 X 800 MT
Blending Tanks3 X 200 MT
Additive Tanks1 X 200 MT
Tanker Loading Bays5 X Loading Bay
ISO-Tank Loading Bay1 X Unloading Bay
In-line Blender60,000 L per Hour
Pumps18 units
Compressed Air System2 X Air Compressor + Air Dryer & Receiver
Thermal Hot Oil System1 X Furnace & Circulating Pumps
Weighbridge1 X 50 MT Weighbridge
Docking Bays2 X Docking Bays


Production Capacity – 4,000 MT per month (Single Shift). Major Facilities Incorporates:

Base Oil Tanks1 x 70 MT
Finished Products Tanks3 X 75 MT
Blending Tanks2 X 75 MT
Additive Tanks1 X 50 MT
Pre-Mix Additive Tank1 x 8 MT
Tanker Loading Bays2 X Loading Bay
ISO-Tank Loading Bay1 X Unloading Bay
Simultaneous Metered Blender60,000 L per Hour
Pumps10 units
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Filling Line1 unit – 10 x IBC per Hour
Drum Filling Line1 unite – 50 x Drums per Hour


Business Strategy & Commitment

Trust, Ethics & Fairness

We believe that TRUST, ETHICS & FAIRNESS is essential for any business to succeed!


We carry out our business with fairness and integrity

High standards

We hold ethics to the highest standards, never engaging in actions that will harm individuals, companies or societies at large


We build our business and forge relationships with trust, honesty & transparency


We will safeguard our clients confidentiality

Commitment to Quality

Competitively Priced


  • Exxon Mobil
  • Shell
  • Petronas
  • Korea, Thailand, Japan, Middle East


  • Lubrizol
  • Infineum
  • Afton
  • Hitec
  • Oronite

We are constantly investing and improving in our facilities as well as processes. This is to ensure product quality is maintained, while striving to achieve the most competitive manufacturing costs, with cost-saving benefits passed on to our customers .