Projects & custom blends

Singapore taxi companies

Texas Petrochemical supplies lubricants to Taxi Fleets in Singapore by completing field trials successfully and by obtaining OEM approval from Mercedes Daimler.

Our Passenger Car Motor Oil and Automatic Transmission Fluid has been reported to perform extremely well in Singapore.

Myanmar central power co.

Ongoing project for Power Plant in Myanmar. Customized Medium Ash Gas engine oil with
Myanmar Central Power Co. reported success of 1500 hours field trial where Texas GEO MD Plus met their stringent requirements.

International mining co.

Specially blended Texas Trans TD Series – high performance drive train lubricants used in mining, agriculture, logging and off-highway constructions.

Supplied lubricants for Mining Operations in Australia
Lubricant was reported to have worked well even after recommended oil change interval

Supply of Heavy Duty Diesel lubricants and Texas Trans TD continued until Mining Project was over.

How it works

All lubricants will be tested and approved by our technical experts with the aid of our additive partner companies to provide the solution to your lubrication needs.  Depending on your needs and quantity a field trial will be held to ensure that the lubricant meets all criteria on the field.

Our extensive distribution network; experience with export; reputation and Singapore’s free trade agreement with many countries make us an ideal partner as a third party blender.

Contact our sales team for more details.