Quality control

Quality guaranteed

In an increasingly connected world, we understand that trust and reputation remains a precious commodity. As such, we believe in transparency and have a commitment in delivering our assurance through the quality of our products.

We are committed to ensuring that only the highest quality products and services are being offered.​

Texas Petrochemical Asia Pacific is in compliance with various international and local regulatory body. We also possess the approval and certification from Original Equipment Manuafacturers (OEMs) and American Petroleum Institute (API).

International organization for standardization

Texas Petrochemical has attained ISO9001:2008 since 1 March 2004. This standard certifies that we have achieved a quality management system that consistently: 

  • Provide products that meets our customers requirement
    and all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Enhances customer satisfaction through
    the effective application of the system

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Approvals

OEM approvals are only attained after rigorous testing that can span over an entire year. We have approvals from various manufacturers such as Daimler, Volvo and MAN.

Our primary additive partner Infineum ensures that the formulation we use is able to meet performance standards of other OEM.

American Petroleum Institution (API)

Our products have been API certified since 12 January 2004 and we have constantly been updating our certification for our newer product grades. For a full list of certified products, visit https://engineoil.api.org

Our process

Learn how Texas Petrochemical maintains high-quality products while keeping our cost low.


Our raw materials such as based oil and additives are sourced only from the most reliable sources such as Exxon Mobil, Shell & Chevron. Multiple suppliers are sourced to keep prices competitive for our clients. All incoming raw materials go through a basic in-house laboratory test.


Before the raw materials are transferred from our storage tanks and cylinders into a blending tank, the exact quantities are formulated by our Production Manager and Quality Control Specialist. Laboratory hand-blends are first prepared and tested multiple time for new products.


After blending, a sample is drawn to be tested in our laboratory. Any discrepancies in the test results and the required specifications are immediately reported and the materials in the product is adjusted and tested again. If required, this process is repeated until the specification is achieved. A portion of the sample is kept in the laboratory for future reference and all test results are regularly documented. Our results are also regularly compared against reputable 3rd party commercial lab - Intertek to serve as additional layer of security.


Finished products are packaged as per ordered and products are delivered by our own delivery vehicles. Just-In-Time manufacturing and delivery is implemented to keep our inventory holding cost low and this cost saving is passed down to our distributors and to our end consumers.